A sampler comic I’ve made for DVPit last October 2020. As of writing, the book’s title is “Eek and Pals!”. It’s a passion project I have been working on for years and I’m really glad that I get to share it with everyone, even if it’s just a snippet 🙂

I’m currently finishing up the pitch packet to be submitted to literary agents for representation.

About the book itself, it’s a sci-fi/ non-fiction MG graphic novel that focuses on problem solving through the use of the scientific method, and the dangers of introducing a new species to an established environment without proper research.

Here is the updated version of the logline I posted on twitter:

“While on a field trip to the Philippines, Eek the alien Junior Scout, and his friends, must quickly capture his escaped pet before it eats all of the town’s fruit harvest, or else they risk getting left behind by their class!

Written and illustrated by Mike Amante (2020).
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