The Bat Race

Self published comic (2016)

Humans are invading the once peaceful Isles of Cordisia. Due to this, the bats of the Western Isle have decided to build up an army to drive them out for good.

Noah, the nervous son of Commander Chira is trapped in the middle of it all. Will he ever be able to find his place within the bat army or will he run away from it instead?

This was the first comic I  sold at local conventions. I learned a lot from working on this and I’m still proud that I was able to finish a comic this long.

Fun fact!: This comic came to be because I got inspired by the class trip we had back then at Mt. Makiling, where we had to survey bat species and other mammals.

Written and illustrated by Mike Amante

You can buy a pdf copy of this comic over at my gumroad page!


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